Organizers testimonials 2016

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a pleasure to welcome you on the eve of the European Mining Business Forum. In the month of September 2016 we will realize the fourth edition of this already traditional format in a new and - hopefully - more successful way. Our goal is to meet the expectations of business and investors, to develop a fruitful dialogue with the institutions and to bring benefits to all participants.

European Mining Business Forum is one of the most prestigious business initiatives in Bulgaria It is part of the calendar of major European events for the sector. Its organization once again confirms our ambition to present convincingly strategic importance of mining industry for the European economy and its key role in providing economic growth. The aim is to maintain and develop an appropriate environment for finding successful policies to provoke innovative approaches and look for effective solutions for the industry. We are convinced that thus add value for both companies and all stakeholders in the name of a better, sustainable development of European and national economies.

We hope that this edition of EMBF will provoke deservedly interest and you will take an active part in discussions on the state, innovations and challenges facing mining industry in Bulgaria and Europe.

We expect you in the beautiful Bulgarian capital Sofia at the Fourth European mining business forum!


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

As a representative of the United body for government underground resources - Ministry of Energy, I am pleased to welcome you on the occasion of this year's European mining business forum, organized by the Bulgarian Mining Chamber.

I think that all government and business institutions in Europe, responsible for the development of mining industry are aware of its crucial socio-economic development of Bulgaria and Europe. A common priority for representatives of national institutions and companies in the industry is to improve conditions for business and investment in the sector and protect the public interest in the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.

An important prerequisite for achieving this goal in Bulgaria is the realization of the adopted by the Government in 2015 Strategy for sustainable development of mining industry. By its consistent implementation in our country will have all the preconditions for the development of the sector in line with European best practices which will lead to increased competitiveness of industry. Thus, the sector will be one of the main engines of economic growth in Bulgaria.

In the fall of 2016 in Sofia will meet representatives of national and European institutions, professional and business organizations, scientific and research institutions from mining industry. I am positive that the fourth edition of the European mining business forum will be an excellent platform for exchange of experience and discussion of all actual topics for industry participants.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Raw materials are key to the economic growth, providing jobs and competitiveness in the European Union. Research and development of local mineral resources is one of the pillars for the present and future sustainable development not only of national economies but also the European economy as a whole.

The European Raw Materials Initiative underlines that the raw materials are essential for the sustainable functioning of modern societies. Access to minerals and their affordability is vital to allow the EU economy to function in a stable manner. Sectors such as construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, machinery and equipment, which provide a total value of € 1.324 trillion and employment for approximately 30 million people, depend on access to raw materials.

European mineral resources are mined and processed at high sustainability standards by aiming to increase the diversification of supply for European high-tech industries. They provide high quality standard of living and significant export revenues.

European Innovation Partnership on raw materials is the way forward to Europe 2020 and beyond. To Euromines European mining business forum is the platform that can contribute to the promotion of investments for approval of sustainable development as the sole basis for the construction and operation of mining companies.

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