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The Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) is a public independentinformational and cultural institution, which is financed by state subsidy and advertising revenues. It covers the whole territory of Bulgaria via its twonational channels – the informational leader Horizont and the cultural channel Hristo Botev, nine regional radio stations and a multimedia internet channel Binar.

BNR is the oldest electronic media in Bulgaria and ranks among the most prominent cultural institutions with its six musical ensembles, a museum of radio in Bulgaria and a rich audio archive. The Golden Archive of BNR is “the sound memory” of the whole nation. It comprises audio recordings of meaningful events of public interest in Bulgaria and around the world, the oldest one dating back to 1896.

BNR is the biggest producer of Bulgarian music and the only media in Bulgaria, which creates and broadcasts radio drama and children’s radio programs. The BNR website ( gives access to news and articles, online streaming and podcasts of all broadcast channels and of the world service Radio Bulgariain 11 languages. Binar ( is targeted to youth audiences. It offers a variety of online music, audio and video podcasts and video coverage of live events and concerts..

The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) is Bulgaria's national news agency. It was established by a decree issued by Prince Ferdinand I in 1898. The BTA is now a major and reliable source of information to the print and electronic media, the state bodies and NGOs in Bulgaria. BTA's operation is regulated by a Statute adopted by the 36th National Assembly on 29 June 1994.

The Agency is "an autonomous national news organization", whose director general is elected by Parliament. The Agency's Statute guarantees its independent editorial policy and protects it from any economic and political influence.

BTA is a member of the European Alliance of News Agencies, whose statute stipulates that only one news agency per country is admitted. It is also a founder member of the Association of Balkan News Agencies. BTA exchanges information with many international agencies. 

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is a TV channel, broadcasting in Bulgarian, focused on economic and financial news, market data and a wide variety of topics related to business in Bulgaria and worldwide. Its program is distributed on the networks of all cable, satellite and IPTV operators and online at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is broadcast in HD.

It was launched in October 2015 to deliver fast, in-depth and trustworthy information about the economic and financial processes and events in Bulgaria and worldwide, in an everyday live broadcast from London, New York and HongKong with the journalists from Bloomberg. Part of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s team are the anchors and analysts, who have earned the viewers’ trust with their work on the business programs of Bulgaria ON AIR for four years in a row, as well as the editors of the leading website for financial news and information  



Economedia is the biggest business media publisher and an important online media publisher in Bulgaria. We provide quality (verified, objective, comprehensive and useful) information, news, analysis, stories and follow the principles of good journalism, media ethics and responsibility to readers.

Economedia is must-have for everyone engaged in business. This is also proved by the audience of our issues – high-profile, opinion leaders, well-educated. Moreover the media gives not only factsheets and news, but also provide tool for analysis and browsing through the information. It saves time and efforts and you can have all the information you need in one click away. The media covers wide range of businesses and company related supplements are available with the standard version of the media.

Our readers are active people who take a stand, professionals and decision-makers in business, politics and the public sector. Through all our channels we reach about 1.8 million people every month. They are the top 30% of Bulgarians considering income, social status and education.

Our portfolio has several  strong brands: Dnevnik - digital media for general news and stories;  Capital and Capital Daily - Business focus; Karieri - digital and print media focused on job market, human resources and management; Regal - digital and print media for the FMCG sector; - digital media based on user generated content from the accounting and audit community; LIGHT - weekly lifestyle magazines, complementing Capital Weekly Newspaper; BACCHUS - lifestyle platform – magazine, digital and events for gourmet culture and travel.

Capital is Economedia's brand which provides business information to decision-makers. Under this brand we publish the following products: the only business daily on the Bulgarian market – Capital Daily, and Capital  - the most influential weekly on politics and economy. is the fastest media platform for business information with 24/7 updates which also posts the content from both newspapers. 

Engineering Review magazineis specialized periodical publication for recent technical, product and branch information in the fields of industrial products and technologies. After 19 years of strong presence in the being of the industry in Bulgaria, Engineering review can honestly be defined as the MAGAZINE OF THE BULGARIAN INDUSTRY. Covers the following topics: Electronics – Components – Circuit board design – Automations systems – Pneumatics – Hydraulics – Electrical equipment – Power supply – Test and measurement equipment – Software – Communications – CNC – HVAC – Lighting – Sensors – CAD/CAM/CAE – Security and identification systems – Industrial heating – Mechanical systems – Instruments, Materials, etc.The magazine is distributed to professionals in the production of all industrial sectors in Bulgaria, as well as trade and engineering companies providing industrial products and services. The circulation of the magzine is 6000 copies and the digital version is distributed to more than 18 000 emails. 

IndustryInfo.BG – The Portal of the Bulgarian industryis an information source and a web media for all fields and segments of the industry in Bulgaria. The enterprise and the development are done by the leading publishing house for specialized technical publications TLL Media Ltd. ( Made with the aim to combine, concentrate and organize the abundance of information about products, technologies, know-how, services for the industry – systems, solutions and applications, published in the web and print media in Bulgaria and around the world.

Specialized industrial portals:

Electronics –| Automation-| Measuring equipment -| Electrical Equipment-| Lighting-| HVAC-| Water and Sewage-| Machinebulding-| Power Industry–| RES-| Ecology–

Investor.BG AD a leading company on the Bulgarian online market. Its portfolio comprises a number of media projects, covering key segments among the internet users. Its flagman is the website for business and financial information, the first product of the company. The portfolio of Investor.BG AD includes also the most visited news website in Bulgaria -, the popular sports website - and the portal for the active young woman - Unique content is delivered also by the health portal with competent and accessible information from leading doctors -, as well as by the e-magazine for the contemporary woman - Investor.BG AD also manages the biggest community of young people online –, the internet media for automobiles - А, the website with the highest-quality real estate ads -, the platform for job offers, courses and other trainings, and others.

Strong sub brands are Club Investor - an established series of expert discussions on various business and finance topics; The FunnyReading and Igriada campaigns of; the health forums of, etc.

According to Gemius, Investor.BG AD media group reaches nearly 50% of the internet users in Bulgaria. 

SeeNews is an independent worldwide provider of business news and market intelligence with focus on the emerging markets. We deliver critical information, combining editorial and analytical skills with smart use of technology. Our news stories keep you ahead of the curve, while our market research and company intelligence give you actionable insights.

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